Learn Through Play

Our Little Red app is for total beginners of English, aged 3 to 6 years old. It has been designed with the sole purpose to help your child learn English in a fun and engaging way by bringing the experience of a real-life English lesson to your home using cutting-edge technology.

In Little Red, we know that young learners:

  • learn by doing and playing
  • absorb language with little effort
  • are capable of developing excellent oral skills, pronunciation and intonation when they have a good model
  • need a great variety of activities that will captivate them as they have a short attention span
  • respond well to situations relating to their own experiences in the real-world
  • like surprises in structured and regular routines
  • have vivid imaginations and respond well to stories of fantasy as they love magic and imaginary heroes

With young learners’ characteristics in mind, we have designed a 6-month English course ‘Listen and Speak with Little Red’ blending exciting language games with short animated series to facilitate your child’s first steps in understanding and speaking their first words and phrases in English. Partnered with SoapBox Labs, we are going to offer your child the opportunity to build strong pronunciation skills using SoapBox Labs’ child specialised speech recognition technology in the speaking activities of our app.

We know that 3 to 6 year-old children need proper guidance in order to feel safe and confident about their learning and reach their full potential. We are also aware that not all parents know English to a level that enables them to control their child’s learning at home. For this reason, our educational experts have designed short and simple lessons where language activities follow a specific order which can be easily understood by children and their parents. In our Little Red app, your child will build stable learning routines which will allow them to predict or to anticipate what comes next and remain excited all at once!

We are committed to making your child’s early start to learning English as playful, interactive and ‘magic’ as it can be. To achieve this, we will send your little one to lots of different adventures with Little Red, our tiny talking squirrel who embarks on different missions with different characters he meets on his journey and goes through new experiences and exciting challenges in order to find his beloved lost acorn. In our Little Red app, magic is also reinforced through Augmented Reality experiences, which immerse your child to different real-life everyday situations, which serve as meaningful context for the child to use newly learnt language.

Download the APK of our prototype here.
To enjoy the full experience of the Augmented Reality, please print the following ARTarget Image:


AR Target