About The App

Little Red Edu helps 3-6 year old preschool children learn and speak their first English words. By capturing each phonetic sound through top-class speech recognition software designed specifically for young learners by Soapbox Labs, Little Red can accurately track the progress of each student’s pronunciation to make parents and teachers jobs easier in helping children progress with developing their English.

We make learning exciting and fun for children using the ‘Listen and Speak with Little Red’ platform. Children engage with a native English voice-over every day. Interactive listen and click games combined with cool cutting edge technology in the form of augmented reality experiences allow children to learn in context to the world around them.


Little Red Edu started with a team of Native English Language Teachers combined with Product Designers. We have a common belief that children all around the world deserve to reach their full potential through play.

Come join Little Red as we develop our exciting six month curriculum ‘Listen and Speak with Little Red’. Enjoy the platform from the comfort of your home or in class with a teacher.

Little Red provides children with everything they need to build strong pronunciation skills.

Little Red provides children with everything they need to build strong pronunciation skills. From children’s first English words to speaking their very first English sentence, Little Red is there to guide them each step of the way.

During preschool age, children need care and guidance in order to feel encouraged, safe and confident about their learning to reach their full potential. We are aware that parents and teachers want the best for their child’s learning experience, so our app enables them to monitor their child’s progress through an artificial intelligent tracking system built into our platform. We, as a team of English Language teachers know how limited time can be and how challenging it is to monitor each child’s progress individually. It can be difficult to create learning experiences that are exciting, time-effective and affordable. Our platform has been built so it will easily fit into English Language Teacher’s lesson plans.


Our guided learning experience allows children to build stable learning routines and know what comes next with confidence. This way, children become more independent. Our in-game progress tracker helps parents and teachers to keep track of children’s pronunciation progress from the beginning until the end of each lesson. The child is motivated to achieve more so they are awarded with more golden acorn points throughout the lessons.

Our curriculum guarantees success.

  • Within 1 month, children will have learned up to 80 words. They will be able to understand simple questions and respond with one word or phrase.
  • In 6-month time, they will be able to speak short English sentences.

What do we offer?

  • Free trial of our app: Play the first week of the learning experience (5 lessons). After the free trial, we offer a subscription at an affordable price.
  • Short and guided lessons with focus on accurate pronunciation.
  • Hundreds of child-friendly animations.
  • SoapBox Labs child-specialised speech recognition software.
  • Augmented Reality: see cute animations come to life as 3D characters on a daily basis.
  • Augmented Reality Simulation Experience: Unlock one unique real-life simulation experience where children explore the world around them. Thinking critically, producing language and learning new concepts, skills and life lessons.
  • Progress tracker: Track your child’s pronunciation progress from the beginning until the end of the lesson through the platform’s artificial intelligence. You have easy access to their scores and progress timeline.
  • Screen-time: There is just one 20-minute English lesson per day to limit screen time usage.

Our mission at Little Red Edu is to help children achieve their full potential and make their early start with English as playful, interactive and magical as it can be at an affordable cost for families and schools.